Action party for Peoples Progress [APPP] is a new entrant which differs from other political parties because it is people driven.

APPP is a party that is formed by the people. It is not formed by politicians who have shattered the hopes of the people by not fulfilling their promises. Therefore, the purpose is linked to its members. In India, there is a huge gap between the political parties as well as the people they serve.

When you voted last time, you had the keen anticipation of making your voice heard, standing up for your beliefs and backing candidates who would make a difference.
For some of us it was; but for others it was a different experience altogether. It was an uninspiring choice between the least-worst options, offering little hope of change. Millions of people voted without believing any candidate really understood their needs and would speak for them. Ultimately, this is the problem Action Party for Peoples Progress, the new political party, has come into existance to fix.

We are overwhelmed by the support extended to our party by people that gives us hope of bringing in fresh solutions and creating a new vision for Tamil Nadu and India. They support the need to restore integrity, common sense and the national interest to the heart of Indian politics.

We hear from many people about the huge challenges our people face today. They are parents, desperate for a suitable home in which to raise their children. There are farmers who needs support to illuminate the choices that can lead to a stronger future. They are workers, trying to help families but deprived of the resources to do so. They are small business owners who want to expand, but lack the certainty to invest. They are graduates struggling to make use of their talents. All the while, many more feel left behind and abandoned by a society that prefers to push ahead into a future of opportunity without them.

Neither side has all the answers to these problems – good public governance must be supported by a strong economy, but no economy is sustainable if it hollows out the society in which it exists. At APPP, we’re focused on solving problems left festering for decades.

To customize people with new ideologies that give them empowerment, APPP plans to hold “Listen to India” tour soon.

Over the next few months, we will engage people all over the country about what matters to them, so we can develop innovative, responsive policies.

We are building a programme to give people more control over their own destinies by opening up more and better opportunities for everyone, making our country fairer in the process. We want to repair the social safety net and ensure that nobody is left behind by technological change or globalisation. We want to build a society in which everyone is, and feels, free to be who they are, and which celebrates our diversity. And we want to do all this in a way that is sustainable for future generations – a way that doesn’t leave them saddled with debt or living in a ruined environment.

But APPP is about much more than doing politics. It’s about making sure that come the next election, everyone can cast their ballot with enthusiasm, choosing to solve the problems we face today and create opportunities for all, as we move into the future together, with hope.

John Lopez, National President