Action Party for People's Progress
..your voice, your choice.

Action Party for Peoples Progress (APPP) is a new, fully secular party committed to development and well-being of the people of the country.

We seek a governmental system that is clean, transparent, realistic and progressive, founded on democratic principles.

We are ordinary citizens from all walks of life - agriculture, health, education, employment, finance, IT sector, trade and commerce, media etc- who selflessly involve themselves in the holistic growth and development of socio-economic status of the people of Tamil Nadu.

We are also independent thinkers who are more interested in "what's right" than "who's right."

We subscribe to a platform and a strategy on education, employment, health, women and child welfare, housing and the like for the betterment of the people of the State.

With bigger parties engrossed in other ideologies that are not people oriented, as well as struggling with serious inter-party struggles, they have totally forgotten regional and national issues, which are of most crucial to the people at large.

Our mission and agenda are fully consistent with the spirit of the constitution of India and are dedicated to create economic liberty, prosperity and justice for the people.

As a political party of the people, we always work for the promotion of interests of the nation as a whole. We always intent to act according to the provisions of Indian constitution and rules laid down by laws.

We call upon people to join our party. We expect only those who have the will to serve the people.

Interested persons may please contact John Lopez, President, on phone 9444484517 or email:

John Lopez, National President

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