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My name is John Lopez, a seasoned journalist of quality, compassion and empathy and having been involved in social and humane activities for the last 15 years. I am also an RTI activist serving the people to a great extent.

Social service has always been my domain of work, and serving people gives me incomparable satisfaction.

I have longed and lent support for positive changes in our State of Tamil Nadu and now I feel that the time has come for me to seek elected office to bring fresh ideas, schemes and positive solutions for issues that torment the lives of the people of Tamil Nadu and serve the people in a better manner.

To achieve this goal I have started a political party named Action Party for People's Progress, duly registered with the Election Commission of India. The party has very ordinary but service minded persons as members. It has lofty ideals that human reasoning should aspire to. We are well aware that we are no match to other political parties that are huge enough due to power and money. But principles, dedication and sincerity are the evincing strength we have. Coupled with your support we hope we will achieve our goal.

I have always been very concerned about issues relating to farmers, students, youth - especially unemployment, health, safety and security and believe there are workable solutions available that will offer peace, tranquility and wellbeing to the people. Nothing is impossible if there is a sincere and concerted and selfless effort taken in direct direction. What lacks in our society is that good and honest people hesitate to come forward to shoulder responsibility of nation building.

In order to serve the people of our State of Tamil Nadu, Action Party for People's Progress will field candidates in all 234 constituencies in the forthcoming Assembly elections: and a well designed aggressive campaign is being planned. For this campaign to be successful, we require sufficient funds. Due to much difficulty and lack of funds required in campaigning, I request you to fund my campaign trail.

I am very hopeful that with your support and the people oriented plans that we putforth, our party will have much leverage and win this election and subsequently in serving the people. As of now the plan is that the campaigning will start in the next month. The party requires some funds to boost its election campaign, and contribution in the funds from your part will make a huge difference to the whole campaign.

Even the smallest of your contribution is going to benefit our political campaigning of the party. You can directly send the contributions to the party headquarters, the address of which is mentioned above. If you wish to help the campaigning by sending money through bank, details of our bank account is appended below for your reference. Also please refer to our website for the money transfer details.

I promise you that if the party is elected to power, it will help better the city and the State, and we wouldn't let your contribution go waste. Help us to bring in a sense of feeling and certainty that each day is Tamil's day, day of peace and happiness and hope.

Thanking you in advance and expecting for the best.

Action Party for Peoples Progress
Current Account details

Name of Bank: Canara Bank
Branch: Kodambakkam Branch
A/c No: 3871201000207
IFSC Code: CNRB0003871

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