If you want to support our country to grow into a better country, if you believe as we do that this is the time for change, then join our party to help usher in a new era, one of kindness, harmony, development and growth. Join Action Party for Peoples Progress in order to have a say in the formulation of political ideology, development of policies and programmes and its implementation that empowers people. Please fill the membership by doing the following: - Open this link (Google Document) - If you are using Google, make a copy of the document and fill it out in google and share it with us (actionparty.in@gmail.com). Also take a printout, fill your signature and send us a scanned PDF / JPEG. - If you are not using Google, simply printout / download into msword and fill up details, sign scan and send us. If it is ms word, email the .docx file as well The digital copy is so that we can eliminate manual effort in retyping from the final pdf/jpg.

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