Our Vision

An inclusive and prosperous community led by strong and diverse democratic, non-corrupt leaders at every level of government.

Our Mission

The establishment of a holistic environment comprising a good, clean, transparent, inclusive, proactive and progressive government, based on respect, valuing the faith and sentiments of every individual, ensuring that truth and justice prevail.

Action Party for Peoples Progress are a well-organized grassroots community organization that educates constituents, promotes civic engagement, promotes a strong and diverse economy that prioritizes investment in infrastructure and job growth, persuades voters about the efficacy of our positions, and works to elect representatives that share our values.

Our Values:
* Give full support to farmers.
* Equal access to quality public education, career and technical education, colleges and universities.
* Ensuring vulnerable children and families have the resources they need.
* Eliminating discrimination of any kind and promoting ethnic, racial, cultural, gender, age, religious,
disability, family status, sexual orientation and socio-economic diversity.
* Affordable health care for all people regardless of employment, age, or health condition.
* Protecting women's rights to reproductive healthcare.
* A livable minimum wage and equal pay for equal work.
* Protecting our environment, water resources, and planet for future generations.

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